Owner’s Representative for High-End New Homes & Condos

You’ve made it, you have risen above, you’re not like everyone else and you don’t want what everyone else has, especially when it comes to your waterfront property. You want you. Now you just need to find the building contractors to do the job. 

You’ve been to the parties and even the cozy get-togethers at your friends’ stunning homes and penthouse units and they’re beautiful, now it’s your turn, but where do you turn?

Your lifestyle and pressures on your time and focus demand that you delegate anything that doesn’t make you money or bring peace of mind.

Think about it, you most likely have a personal assistant, financial planner, corporate attorney, accountant, personal trainer, and the list goes on. When building, you need an Owner’s Representative.

Now that you’re ready to build out that new condo or waterfront home, you can’t be bothered with trying to figure out who to hire as building contractors. Do they understand the “look” that you want, are the building contractors capable of doing the job, or will you end up in court? The Owners Rep that your friend recommended was nice, but your vision is much different and maybe you just didn’t connect, right?

If you engage a design professional or any building contractors on your own, do you know how to know that they fully understand your wants, needs and desires, and will communicate that information properly through a set of plans and specifications? You don’t want to be involved in the minutiae of meetings after meetings after meetings, while trying to live your life, run your business or travel?

When construction begins, do you know how to tell if the workmanship by the building contractors is being performed to a level of industry standard (no cut corners), commensurate with the quality you expect? If an additional expense is warranted? If the critical path schedule is making the most use of the time? If all parties have been properly paid, keeping you from a lawsuit and paying twice over a mechanics lien?

If you try to do this on your own a design professional has to take what’s inside your head and communicate that back to you and the Contractor through a set of drawings and specifications that a Contractor and countless Tradesmen and suppliers then have to translate into reality. Think of the number of times you and your mate have had misunderstandings over the simplest of things! Now multiply that by the myriad of plans, specifications, discussions, designs, meetings and parties to a construction project and worse yet, ignorance of how it all works and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect storm.


Now the sad reality is that you, the Design Professional, and Building Contractors all have very different agendas and your best interest, while “desired” by the other entities, is not always the way things end up. And at the end of the day, the design professional and contractor both expect to be profitable, so when push comes to shove, you get shoved for time, money or both!


And this doesn’t even scratch the surface of the personal time (a LOT of personal time) you would need to invest to make a large magnitude project come to fruition.


Don’t let it be that way!


Let us help you build the perfect high-value waterfront dream home or condominium.  Building your dream home is exciting, but it is also complicated, there are a lot of moving pieces and a lot can go wrong.  We make the process easy by taking away the headaches and letting you focus on the fun part.  How we can help:

  • Assistance selecting and vetting designers, architects and contractors
  • Translating your vision into reality
  • Making sure plans and contracts meet your desires and expectations
  • Standing in for you at the countless meetings required on a complicated luxury build
  • Making sure the workmanship is being performed to a level of industry standard (no cut corners), commensurate with the quality you expect
  • Advising when an additional expense is and is not warranted
  • Keeping the building contractors on the critical path schedule to make the most use of time and avoid delays
  • If all parties have been properly paid, keeping you from a lawsuit and paying twice over a mechanics lien

We have been proud to assist and guide numerous clients as an owner’s representative between themselves and building contractors on their high end ($1,000,000+) residential projects. It would be our pleasure to help make your dream a reality.

For a copy of my CV, please contact me direct at: (833) 777-2272

If any of this resonates with you, take a moment to fill out a little bit about yourself (I will NEVER sell your information!) so I can determine if I would be a good fit for you and your project.

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