Two luxury home builders stand in the middle of their project.

What Luxury-Minded Clients Expect

For luxury-minded clients, the bar is set high. There are expectations for the luxury home builders to fulfill, visions to complete, and schedules to meet. Tending to luxury-minded clients requires commitment and a will to serve. Most high-net clients, their lives are filled with countless tasks, meetings, endless to-dos, and weighty responsibilities. 

As an owner’s representative or expert witness, your role is to relieve your clients of one more burden. For luxury-home builders, contractors, architects, and designers alike, there needs to be a shared understanding of the client’s expectations. This is where an owner’s rep plays an essential role.

What Clients Expect from Luxury Home Builders & An Owners Rep

Because of the growing demands in a luxury-minded client’s life, they cannot be left to manage yet another large team. As an owner’s rep, you’re expected to ensure a smooth and easeful building process. Your client relies on you to keep the ball rolling. They rely on you to protect them from unwanted stress. It is your commitment to offering the following services to your client:

  • Keep contractors and luxury home builders on a tight schedule, so projects get completed in a timely fashion
  • Advise clients when there is unnecessary or excessive spending
  • Create a reasonable budget for your client, and work to stay within that budget
  • Evaluate contractors, designers, architects, and builders before selecting their services
  • Ensure that the work is meeting or exceeding standards
  • Act as a stand-in for your client during meetings or legal agreements
  • Understand the client’s vision, and work to meet that
  • Be an advocate, guide, and trusted confidant for your client before, during, and sometimes after the building process

Luxury home builders have likely completed dozens of high-end projects before working with your client. However, this doesn’t mean that luxury projects don’t come without complications. As your client’s representative, it is up to you to minimize complications to the best of your ability. Use your expertise, mastery, and understanding of the industry to guide these projects in the right direction. Luxury-minded clients want to rest easy knowing their project is in trusted and capable hands.

Luxury Homes: What Sets Them Apart

Luxury homes bring visions to life. Building a luxury home requires time, extensive planning, multi-figure investments, commitment, and lots of moving parts. For a luxury-minded client, building this new space might meet a lifelong dream. What sets luxury homes apart is that they’re created according to the specifications and desires of the client. As their representative, luxury-minded clients expect you to advocate for this vision. 

It’s important to note that not all high-end projects will go perfectly. There will be bumps in the road. There will be times when it’s necessary to pivot or change course. Remind your clients that this is perfectly okay and a part of the process. However, high-end projects sometimes veer off course. This can potentially lead to unnecessary spending or delays in construction and renovation. 

Avoiding this reality takes vigilance and determination. No matter what, do what is best for your client and help them achieve their vision. Luxury homes may require a waiting game, but the payoff is invaluable. 

Build the Luxury Home of Your Dreams

Deciding to build your luxury home is no small feat. Hire expert support to make the process as efficient as possible. If you’re ready to get started or are simply looking for some inspiration, take a look at our gallery. With 35 years and counting in the industry, Paul Johnson knows how to guide luxury projects to their completion. Don’t hesitate to contact the team at Gryphon Consulting with any questions. We’re here for you!

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