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5 Essential Tips to Follow For Your Bathroom Remodel

Although many say that the kitchen is the most important room in your home, some may argue that it’s your bathroom! The bathroom is the one space in your home that will be used every day and the most frequently. Your bathroom should feel like a space to wind down, relax, and find refuge at the end of a long day. You shouldn’t compromise when it comes to a luxury bathroom remodel. Here are 5 essential tips to follow when renovating your bathroom.

A Bathroom Remodel Shouldn’t Feel Stressful

Although there are many moving parts when it comes to remodeling your bathroom, it doesn’t need to feel overwhelming. Luxury bathroom remodels typically take the least amount of build time because you’ll eventually need to use them! A team of experienced, professional, and high-quality contractors will know exactly what it takes for a successful remodel.

Whether you’re renovating for the first time, expanding your current bathroom, or building a new one, don’t stress! Luxury standards require exquisite attention and care. This is where outside guidance can prove especially helpful, too. For first-time luxury remodels or for experienced renovators alike, hiring an owner’s representative can make a huge difference.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas & Tips

As with any luxury remodel, the process takes adequate time and planning. Creating a vision, finding the right builders, and researching high-quality appliances can all seem a little overwhelming. To make your renovation feel simple, smooth, and easeful, follow these bathroom remodel ideas:

Choose the Type of Bathroom You Desire

There are many shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from when creating your dream bathroom. Depending on your unique needs and vision you may choose accordingly for your next bathroom remodel:

  • Standard Bathroom: The simplest design of the three types, a standard bathroom contains a shower or bath, sink, and toilet. This is best for large families or high-occupancy homes.
  • Half Bath: Also known as a powder room, these small spaces have only a toilet and sink. Half baths are perfect for guest usage or in high-traffic areas of your home. If you host a lot of guests in your home, consider building a half bath.
  • Wet Bathroom: Wet baths are completely waterproofed units. The shower isn’t separated by a cubicle or curtain and is an extremely sleek and luxurious design option.

Create a Specific Layout

The world is your oyster when it comes to designing your bathroom’s layout. This is where you will work closely with a designer to create the perfect space. Before you begin to think about aesthetics or decor, the layout is key. Think about functionality and usability when designing the layout.

Decide on the Shower or Bath Situation

Would you like a shower, a bathtub, or both in your luxury bathroom? Depending on the level of opulence and comfortability you’re looking to achieve, decide on the bath or shower situation. Usually, having access to both will help you get the most out of your bathroom experience.

Choose Quality Materials

Build your luxury bathroom for long-term use and sustainability. Choosing the right materials takes time and research. Working with a quality builder will help you access durable fixtures and appliances.

Add Finishing Touches 

Design your luxury bathroom for ultimate elegance and ease. Heated floors? A heated towel rail? What about shelving and tiling? Luxury-living means tending to the details. Take your bathroom from ordinary to luxury.

Bathroom Remodeling Made Simple

The possibilities are endless when it comes to a luxury bathroom remodel. Need someone in your corner? The team at Gryphon Consulting has got your back. Paul Johnson, an owner’s rep, expert witness, and mentor, has over 35 years of expertise in the industry. This way, you know you’ll be receiving the highest quality of care. When you choose Gryphon, you’re choosing excellence. Contact us to learn more about what we do and how we can best assist you.

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